Sunday, June 27, 2010

Idle Book Thoughts 27 June 2010

Well I have been very remiss with the blogging this week . Work has loomed large and I have had to shift my attentions unfortunately.  But to help me through I have been devouring a truly glorious book: "The Master" by Colm Toibin.  It is a novel based on the life of Henry James.  The writing is excellent.  Hopefully I will finish it today and have a review up soon.                                                               
To other matters, I am having a new large bookcase delivered tomorrow.  This is incredibly exciting because currently I have books everywhere.  My bookshelf currently houses books of every kind including cookbooks, a lot of non fiction, travel books, and lots of texts related to my work and a shelf devoted to puzzles, games and kids' books to amuse  my nephew and niece when they visit.  Oh yes and there are a couple of very cramped shelves devoted to fiction. 

And I have discovered a couple more really good second hand book shops in my area so keep bringing stuff home.  Now it will all have a shelf to call home.

It is a dreary winter's day here, perfect for reading and cups of tea, so I am off to enjoy.

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  1. Work is probably going to impact on me this week! End of financial year and all that.

    I avoid the second hand bookstores because I really, really don't have the shelf space.

    Enjoy your tea and books. I am about to take my son to sport where it will be very cold!


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