Sunday, April 11, 2010

Michael Connelly "Nine Dragons"

Yes I tend to read authors in clumps. "Nine Dragons" is the lastest from Michael Connelly. It is a well constructed police procedural crime novel. If you like the detailed forensic stuff you'll love this. And I am not talking about any shock value mutilation numbers either. When it comes to his plots, Mr Connelly doesn't seem to do things by halves; this is really well thought out. And has some genuine surprises.

The story turns around detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD and the search for his daughter who has been abducted. There is something very comforting about Harry, he is restrained, thoughtful and does develop as the story unfolds. Harry's daughter has been living for the last six years in Hong Kong with his ex-wife. The plot is very fast paced; starting out in LA and then much of the action takes place in Hong Kong as Harry is forced to search for his daughter who he believes has been taken to force him to release a murder suspect back in LA who has links to the Chinese Triads.

So how does this compare to "The Scarecrow" that I read recently? "Nine Dragons" is more richly plotted. There are more of the fascinating little details, like new technology in relation to extracting fingerprints from a spent shell casing.

I like Michael Connelly's modern settings. His novels incorporate the new technologies including communication technology into the plot structure. I felt that both novels have something to say about how the new technology effects modern life, both in personal interactions and business. Mostly this novel is just a ripping good detective yarn; spiced up because our detective has to try and rescue his family from the bad guys too.

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