Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Broadening my horizons: sketching fun and poetry.

Well May is turning out to be a curious month for me on the reading/ recreation front.  I have started sketching, and no one could be more amazed than me, I have also bought a set of pastels, which I am having fun experimenting with.  These new activities have seriously cut into my usual reading time. 

I have not altogether abandoned novels, but feel like I am taking a little holiday and I have found myself reading poetry.  I stumbled across a lovely collection of love poems by Nikki Giovanni, which I think anyone would be impressed by.   Here is a little taste from one of her poems, "The Way I Feel"

most time when you are around
i feel like a note
roberta flack is going to sing

I am also working my way through a Sylvia Plath collection of poetry: Sylvia Plath Poems selected by Ted Hughes. These are requiring alot more concentration. 

 I am not entirely sure what has gotten into me, I am busier at work, including more travelling with work, so perhaps needed a change in diversions.  Also Autumn has arrived in my town, and we are currently enjoying all the beautiful colours that go with this time of year.

The books about pastels that are firing my imagination, albeit with dubious and amateurish results are these: Raw Colour with Pastels by Mark Leach and Exploring Pastel with Barry Watkin.  As well as being interesting and helpful, these art books look like works of art themselves.


  1. Have fun! I love to look at art books too - I find they refresh the imagination.

  2. Deborah - I am not very creative at all, or at least I have not really explored that side of things, so for me it is like discovering a whole new world. There is nothing more fun that that :)


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