Friday, September 24, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

It is Friday and time for the Book Blogger Hop.  The Hop is hosted by Jennifer over at Crazy For Books.
It is a wonderful way to discover new book blogs.  Each week there is a question with a book or blogging theme to add interest.

When you write reviews do you write them as you are reading, or wait until you have read the entire book?

My answer:  I have never started a review until I have finished the book.  Usually I write the review very soon after finishing the book.  But I am getting a bit behind with reviews of books read at the moment.

Happy reading!


  1. Hi just hopping by to say hello-hope all fine with you

  2. Thanks Mel U. All is well with me. I just found myself getting caught up with other things and not blogging. Or reading much for that matter. But I feel like I am back now. Thanks for asking and for stopping by.

  3. We always right ours as soon as we finish the book.

    Hopping here from Book Blogger Hop.

  4. Dont feel bad about being behind because I think it happens to the best of us!

  5. Hello! Hopping by =)

    I agree - I don't write while I read, but I try to do it as soon as possible after I finish so I don't forget! I'm getting behind too though...oops! Lol =)

    Happy Friday!

    The Bookish Type

  6. Following from Crazy-For-Books! I'm excited to see what you come up with. Check out my site at

  7. Just hopping by....

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance for the answer to this week's questions…it was my question that was chosen…pretty neat.

    I also have a lot of review you may want to check out.

    Happy Hopping, Everyone....hop on over to my blog to see MY answer to MY question. :)

  8. Happy HOP! First time visiting and I'm a new follower. I wait until I'm done reading with the book before I review it. Enjoy your weekend

    Hop by and visit my blog

  9. Hopping by to return the visit and follow!

  10. Happy Friday, Mel!

    I am not formally 'hopping,' but I am swinging by and visiting by blogger buddies. Regarding the question--I am a confirmed scribbler in my books too. So, I tend to underline and leave lots of notes in the margins. I also tend to jot important facts or observations on the flyleaf of a book. Collectively, these jottings really help me as I compose my reviews. I also am in the habit of keeping a hand-written journal in which I record general observations about the books I've read, dates started and finished, etc.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, Mel! Cheers! Chris

  11. Hi there! *waves*

    Just making my round via hop! Lovely blog you have here. This week I'm trying really hard to reach 375 followers so for every follower I get this week they will get one too! So hop on over!

    Til next time,
    Lisa (Badass Bookie)xx

  12. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree about reading the whole book. For example; if I hadn't finished "The Elegance of a Hedgehog" I would have never appreciated it like I do now.


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